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The Future of Data & AI

Navigating the transformative landscape of data and AI

 Speaker: Luis Gonçalves (Noesis)


Although the live session is over, the journey into the future of intelligence is far from over. Join us to rediscover the enlightening talk by Luís Gonçalves, our Director of Data Analytics and AI, as he delves into the intricacies of "The Future of Data and AI."
Highlights from Luís' thought-provoking talk:
 The future of intelligence: Luís navigated the landscape of AI's promise and reality, offering unique insights and strategies to bridge the gap. Explore how AI concepts can be seamlessly transformed into practical solutions for businesses.
Did you miss the live event? Don't worry. There's a video recording of Luís Gonçalves' talk. Stay tuned for the opportunity to gain valuable insights into the practical applications of AI and chart a path to realizing its full potential.
 (Session in Portuguese)

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