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25 March 2024

People at the Heart of Success

The importance of implementing an Employer Branding strategy that is a differentiating factor

By Sandra Martins, Marketing & Communication Manager at Noesis

In the article "Noesis: People at the Heart of Success", Sandra Isabel Martins, Marketing & Communication Manager, highlights the importance of implementing an Employer Branding strategy at Noesis that puts employees at the organization's heart, as the technology sector is becoming increasingly competitive. The Employer Value Proposition - "Let's Innovate Together!" - is a differentiating factor. It represents a culture of innovation, encouraged by all employees, from onboarding to when they decide to become part of the alumni community. However, Noesis' commitment goes further, and it is no coincidence that it is recognized as one of the best companies to work for in Portugal and Europe. To achieve this, it was crucial to create and support sustainability, sport, inclusion, and female empowerment initiatives to attract more and better professionals. Read the full article here: