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23 June 2022

Interview in "Linha da Frente" - Cyberattack

Watch RTP1's special report, with Noesis' participation, about the evolution of cybercrime in Portugal

"Before the company knows that internally it has been attacked, often indications appear...", says Nuno Cândido, IT Operations, Cloud & Security Associate Director at Noesis.
The interview, conducted by RTP, shows that cybercrime is increasing at a rapid pace in Portugal. Hackers attack unprotected computers in companies and cell phones that access malicious sites, causing millions of euros in damages.
But it's not all bad news. Nuno Cândido says that, sometimes, hackers can be useful to the countries themselves: "England, for example, created a rehabilitation program with internships in cybersecurity companies for these young people to show them how we work on the other side, which is a very important and interesting action.
Watch the entire report in the video below and find out what is being done in Portugal to combat this growing problem in the world of companies and users of the cyberspace.