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19 December 2023

ChatGPT: the "scales" to balance artificial intelligence

One Year of ChatGPT: Impact, Ethics, and the Future of Artificial Intelligence

By Ricardo Rocha, US Managing Director & Head of Global Marketing,at Noesis

In the article "ChatGPT: The Unbalanced Scale of Artificial Intelligence," author Ricardo Rocha, our US Managing Director & Head of Global Marketing highlights the impressive impact of OpenAI's software in just one year. He mentions disruption in the industry and its influence on society's perception of artificial intelligence. However, Ricardo Rocha emphasizes uncertainties, especially regarding ethical concerns such as moral inclinations in algorithms and responsibility for harmful decisions. Nevertheless, he acknowledges the substantial efficiency gains in data analysis provided by AI. The author points out security challenges, including safeguarding sensitive data processed by these tools. He concludes by stressing that the long-term impact of ChatGPT on society will be significant, changing how we work and access information, with the expectation that the best is yet to come. Read the full article here :