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26 August 2021

Noesis, a competitive and global market

Relevant, challenging, and international projects: learn more about Noesis' recipe to keep its employees involved in the company's life.

We are a technological innovation consultant with a robust international approach, with more than 950 employees, which takes on the challenge of helping companies accelerate their Digital Transformation.
By Teresa Lopes Gândara, Human Capital Director
"Noesis operates in a global market, and that is why teleworking was no longer a "strange" figure for the company when the pandemic forced a broader adoption of this regime."
How does Noesis approach Employer Branding?
Noesis has invested in an Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing strategy that reflects our culture, vision, mission, and values. This strategy focuses on two angles of approach to the topic: talent retention and attraction.
In terms of retention, one of our goals is to give voice to our talents, on our social networks, either through the promotion of articles of their own or through their participation in workshops, lectures, talks, and videos where they talk about the day-to-day in the organization. We believe this is an excellent way to improve employee engagement with the organization.
In terms of attraction, our talents help us develop our value proposition as employers (Employee Value Proposition) and position us as an attractive company to work for. For this, we bet on the presence and active participation in various academic initiatives where our employees share their experiences at Noesis. On the other hand, by disclosing and sharing our culture and our internal initiatives, as well as the projects we develop and the clients we work with, we are also positioning ourselves in the market as a company with relevant, challenging, and international projects, which contributes to making our organization credible among potential candidates.
At a time when most employees are working remotely, how is the issue of emotional wages faced?
We have always been committed to fair and transparent management by objectives and remuneration policies. Increasingly, we are also considering issues such as flexible working hours, a healthy balance between work and personal life, the benefits provided, such as the excellent coverage we have in our health insurance, and the encouragement to the family.
In this same context, how is the match made between what talents are looking for and Noesis?
The main challenge is to attract the best professionals and, subsequently, retain them in the company. We operate in a competitive, global market, where competition for talent and shortage of qualified labor is a reality.
We know that potential candidates look for organizations that guarantee their professional evolution and international and innovative experiences. These themes, which are already part of our culture, are worked on daily to ensure an enriching experience for all talents. We frequently listen to our employees through surveys, and we try to be aware of movements and trends in the labor market.
Has the issue of telecommuting been affecting Noesis' corporate culture?
Distance forced us to be creative and develop strategies to strengthen the connection of our talents with the organization, ensure continuous monitoring with the support of managers, and promote safety in teleworking.
As a model with some advantages, the main disadvantage is the danger of emotional disconnection with the organization and colleagues. This is what we seek to combat, reinforcing internal communication and creating dynamics that promote interaction and participation of our talents.
Among the various initiatives we launched in this period, we created a specific newsletter for the first confinement in March 2020 (#StayConnected), found online workshops presented by our employees, and continued to boost our talent training program, the Noesis Academy. We also launched other initiatives to promote proximity between everyone, albeit virtually: a regular meeting between the entire management team and our talents, where we share the company's vision out loud and respond to questions that are raised by any of our more than 950 employees; a relaxed moment in which we received an external guest from an area of activity utterly different from ours, to share their life story or inspiration, which is broadcast live to all employees.
The objective is clear: to maintain the culture at Noesis and foster contact between employees.
What are the major challenges that last year's pandemic presented to Human Resources management? 
As the international technology consultant that we are, telecommuting was no stranger to us. Still, we were forced to perfect this large-scale work regime. We reformulated the recruitment and onboarding process for new talents to a mostly remote model. The management teams were fully prepared to monitor their employees, projects, services, and clients.
How do you foresee the job market going to be a year from now?
We believe that candidates will have as their primary concern the guarantee that they can learn and be integrated into a team and in a company where the culture is inspiring.
We changed companies to have better remuneration conditions, mainly because we were challenged with new projects, growth opportunities, and a better balance between professional and personal life. We also believe in a hybrid format (face-to-face and remote), which will allow us to enjoy the best of both worlds.
Published (in Portuguese) in Human Resources.