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12 August 2021

Intelligent Space Management

Read the opinion article by Rodolfo Luís Pereira, Enterprise Solutions Director of Noesis, to Executive Digest on the management of queues in public spaces to monitor people's capacity in companies.

Noesis has been developing solutions that allow businesses and companies to respond to the current pandemic context. 
Last year, all companies had to learn to live in a pandemic context, which accelerated a Digital Transformation process already underway. E-commerce is a paradigmatic case of this advancement of several years in the digital area. The businesses that imply the physical use of spaces had to be readjusted. 
By Rodolfo Luís Pereira, Enterprise Solutions Director 
Challenges came from different directions. On the one hand, much of traditional commerce needed to migrate to digital in the shortest time-to-market possible and low investment. Not putting aside the future reinforcement and expansion of services, on the other hand, the businesses where I contact you physically is unavoidable had to focus on safety and perception for consumers. 
These are questions that concern the Customer Experience area. Noesis has a set of solutions, creating platforms and websites focusing on personalization and segmentation; e-commerce platforms; chatbots, virtual assistants, and multichannel bots; and managing queues in public spaces. 
An example of a Noesis solution in this context is implementing electronic and digital signatures that allow the dematerialization of processes in various scenarios where the customer's signature is imperative. For example, it becomes possible to open an account at a bank or take out insurance in a small, secure, and automated way, from the onboard process to signing a contract. 
To respond to the pandemic context, Noesis has also developed two particular platforms, focused on the difficulties companies face and applicable to different company profiles, sizes, and sectors of activity. One of these solutions is Virtual Queue Management, which aims to manage queues and waiting times in physical spaces such as shopping centers, museums, stores, restaurants, or public services, for example, using artificial intelligence. 
It is a service that identifies the use of masks and issues and manages virtual service tickets, in addition to counting people to help comply with staffing requirements. Another solution created by Noesis for this "new normal" is the Smart Space Manager, which intends for professional environments. 
Its objective is to manage the spaces efficiently, creating a reservation and check-in system for employees to facilitate the management of the number of people coexisting in the company, establish a maximum capacity and monitor the use of the space. 
Since the first months after the declaration of the pandemic, in 2020, the demand for this type of solutions for the dematerialization of processes has soared, in the national and international market, in a trend that has not yet slowed down" and that "we believe that it can grow even more in 2021. 
Technologies used in artificial intelligence contribute to all these solutions, such as voice recognition, natural language, and contextual conversation, which are now frequently applied in bots. Some practical examples where these bots are used are chat processes to guide the user to e-commerce sites or telephone lines where voice bots solve everyday problems. 
Published (In Portuguese) in Executive Digest