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20 May 2021

Companies Continue (and want to continue) to hire, but the integration process is different, in SapoTek

Testimony of Teresa Lopes Gândara on the new human resources management paradigm, in an interview with SapoTek

By Teresa Lopes Gândara, Human Capital Director at Noesis 
We already know that the pandemic has brought many changes in the way of working. The search for talent remains, but some differences start right in the recruitment process and continue through employee welcoming.
As in many other aspects of the functioning of companies in their relationship with their employees, the so-called “onboarding” was forced to change with the pandemic: if social distance imposed new ways of working, it also led to recruiting and “integrating” in a way different.
“We hope to return soon to return to a face-to-face model, presenting the company's spaces, the people, the spirit that lives in our offices”, says Teresa Lopes Gândara, Human Capital Director at Noesis. “In the future, a hybrid format - face-to-face and telecommuting - will certainly allow us to enjoy the best of both worlds".

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