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19 March 2021

Being Happy in Portugal – At Home with Ricardo Rocha, in Líder

Ricardo Rocha, Marketing & Communication Associate Director at Noesis, gave some tips on how to be happy at home during lockdown to Líder magazine.

By Ricardo Rocha, Communication & Marketing Associate Director at Noesis

At a time when we are going through a new lockdown, confined at home and with a weather that doesn’t even invite to a “hygienic walk”, it is essential to look up for “unlockdown” strategies. For our brain, of course. Maintaining some sanity is more and more important nowadays. We live online, constantly connected, where the separation between professional and personal space is increasingly difficult to maintain. So, my weekend always starts with a basic rule. A routine that helps me marking this separation - on Fridays there is no overtime, no overtime work! I finish the workday, if possible, earlier than usual and start the weekend with a glass of red wine and liberating music! Often, the work "invades" the personal space during the weekend (it is inevitable; there are themes that we only managed to "dispatch" during the weekend), so, for me, this ritual takes on even greater importance. To schedule a moment of rupture, decompression and "disconnection" from the responsibilities and stress of day-to-day life. Believe it or not, those hours, at the end of the day, dinner and Friday nights, are often worth the entire weekend!»

Originally publish (in Portuguese) in Líder

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Ser feliz em Portugal - Em casa

1. Herdade dos Grous Wine: always a safe choice. Good wine, for those who are not specialists, but appreciate a good red wine. It's one of my favorites

2. Start with Why: I especially like biographies of managers and entrepreneurs, books on marketing or leadership. Today, 'Start with Why', by Simon Sinek, occupies my bedside table.

3. Governo de Sombra Podcast: I got into a habit of listening to Podcasts on weekends, while doing some domestic tasks (like vacuuming or laundry!). 'Governo de Sombra' is always on my top podcasts choices, but I also like other political, management or marketing podcasts.