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05 February 2021

Alexandre Rosa is one of the 50 most active CEOs on Linkedin, in PME Magazine

Noesis CEO Alexandre Rosa was considered by PME Magazine as one of the most active CEOs on Linkedin in Portugal

Linkedin is the network of professional relationships. Get to know the second edition of PME Magazine about the Top 50 of the Portuguese CEOs who most interact in this social network.

In an increasingly digital society, it is important for company administrators to develop an online footprint, not only to create new contacts - mainly at the level of customers, partners, and the media - but also to maintain a good image and reputation with the public.

In the 14th edition of PME Magazine, launched in October 2019, we released a list of the 50 most active Portuguese CEOs on Linkedin, in partnership with Pedro Caramez. Now, in January 2021, we returned to investigate the executive profiles with the most activity in this social network in Portugal.


Find out theTop 50 Social CEO here.


Originally publish (in Portuguese) in PME Magazine

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