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06 October 2020

Noesis is TIBCO's Global Innovation Partner of the Year 2020, in

Noesis' commitment to the strategic partnership with TIBCO has now allowed it to be recognized as a Global Innovation Partner of the Year 2020, with the status of TIBCO Elite Partner. Two distinctions that recognize the partners "for the quality of the implemented projects".

For Gentil Paganella, Associate Director of Enterprise Application Integration at Noesis, "this distinction is a source of great pride, given that this is a recent area at Noesis".

The partnership with TIBCO, established this year, in the middle of a pandemic, is a consequence of Noesis' strategic focus in the EAI area and has enabled its customers to provide a set of solutions to support companies in unifying and automating their processes of integrating cloud or on-premise applications and services.

«TIBCO is undoubtedly one of the companies that best responds to the challenges of digital transformation, in a safe and assertive manner, helping companies to prosper in this transition, through its extensive range of products in the areas of middleware, data science, among others, ”said Gentil Paganella.

In this way, the new distinction reinforces Noesis' positioning within the TIBCO partner ecosystem, as well as the desire to continue to support customers in transforming their business processes.

The distinction as Global Innovation Partner of the year was made official at TIBCO NOW, TIBCO's worldwide event, held on the 22nd and 24th of September, where the sellers of the Partner of the Year awards were announced, worldwide.

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