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20 August 2020

Noesis presents to the market a transversal, end-to-end offer, in IT Channel

Noesis reinforced its commitment to a new business area entitled Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). In a statement, the company explains that the creation of this new area “is a natural process for any organization that is driven by innovation” and that “it is imperative to keep the Noesis offer in line with market trends and expectations”.

Thus, the Portuguese company invested in the specialization of its teams to contribute to the digital transformation of its customers. With a partnership with TIBCO, Noesis claims to be in a position "to leverage the importance of integrating applications and services, in order to make companies' business processes more efficient and agile".

To lead this new area, Noesis bet on Gentil Paganella, who will now join the team of the Portuguese company, as Associate Director of this new unit, with the objective of boosting the growth strategy of this area in the coming years. In a statement, Noesis explains that Paganella has “almost two decades of professional experience in the IT sector and, especially, in the development of TIBCO solutions”.

To the IT Channel, Gentil Paganella explains that "the integration of this middleware component" allows Noesis to “‘complete the cycle and present the market and customers with a transversal, end-to-end offer. With the incorporation of the EAI area, we were able to cover practically all the needs of an organization, in terms of technology. We have expertise, specialized teams and leading technological partners”.

The creation of this new business area is primarily related to the market, “the main driver of all strategic decisions” taken. Then, the “positioning of Noesis in the market”. In the case of the first point, Noesis seeks to "respond to the needs of the market and customers in an area that is increasingly flooded by distributed systems, which makes it essential to have an intermediate layer to manage these interconnections and applications". In the second point, the new business area allows “to complement the offer that, currently, already covers different areas in IT”.

Noesis chose TIBCO as a solutions partner in this business area so that its customers can benefit from the advantages of this technology. “We want organizations to be able to take advantage of this potential for system integration, with robust and highly reliable technology, while benefiting from all the expertise of Noesis, our transversal vision and complementary offer”, says Gentil Paganella.

In terms of business volumes, Noesis expects “sustained and continued growth over the next three years” and expects to “triple the business volume in this period” with the incorporation of this unit.

Despite having been launched “in the context of a pandemic and crisis”, Noesis already has a team and some ongoing projects, of which stands out “the work that we are already developing in two of the largest companies in Portugal that use the TIBCO platform”. The Associate Director of Enterprise Application Integration explains that “the outlook for 2020 is encouraging; 2021 will be a year where we expect very strong growth, in line with the three-year plan outlined”.

*Originally publish (in Portuguese) in IT Channel

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