Lights and Technology
02 July 2020

Reskilling, from necessary to urgent, in RHmagazine

A study by the Nova School of Business and Economics, together with the Confederação Empresarial de Portugal, launched last year, predicts that by 2030 approximately 42% of Portuguese workers will have to update their qualifications or change their profession to remain employed.

The OutSystems Academy, created by Noesis at the end of 2018, which has the fourth edition of the initiative taking place, aims to train recent graduates from engineering.

"As in other areas of software development, there is a shortage of talent on the market, so we decided to start tailored training in OutSystems to address this need and ensuring that consultants have all the needed basis to perform a quality work", explains Mariana Neves Martins, responsible for Talent & People Development at Low-Code Solutions (LCS) business unit. At the moment, Noesis has 33 consultants trained at this academy.

* Article published in RHmagazine.