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02 July 2020

Valuing each one's contribution, to the success of all, in Human Resources Portugal

We believe that our success results from the well-being of our talents », starts by stating Teresa Lopes Gândara, Human Capital Director of Noesis. Thus, we aim to "build a trusting environment where all employees feel fulfilled, integrated and active".

By valuing career management, including people training and evaluating, "in a transparent and measurable way", Noesis presents an organizational culture geared to its talents growth of the skills, so that they feel fulfilled and monitored.

"We try to ensure that our people participate actively in the organization’s life, driven by audacity and knowledge, so that they can evolve and contribute to the evolution of all colleagues and the brand", says the responsible.

With a culture where meritocracy, mutual respect, diversity and the development of skills prevails, Noesis seeks to build a trustworthy work environment.

«We invest in a people oriented culture, promoting proximity and fostering knowledge and the development of their unique skills», stresses Teresa Lopes Gândara. «With people as one of the key points in the organization, we know that the Human Resources policy is decisive for success.»

There are several tools that allow the organization to consult and respond to the needs and concerns of its employees, such as the annual survey, suggestion boxes, informal meetings and specific working groups.

In order to attract and retain talent, the organization participates in employability events and pitch bootcamps, cementing its strong relationship with the university community; supports initiatives such as the GMC, an international strategy and management competition; and encourages the presence of more and more women in the world of Information Technology (IT), supporting initiatives such as the Portuguese Women in Tech Hackathon and Girls in Tech. At the same time, several open days dedicated to university students are held and the Noesis Academy was created, the talent training program in which the company values and helps its employees to develop the necessary skills, contributing to their personal and professional fulfillment.

«We are also committed to promoting the internal mobility program, in career roadmaps, with all talents responsible for their evolution, to reach their full career potential, but also the optimization of resources between projects and between offices», adds Teresa Lopes Gândara.

In addition to these initiatives, Noesis has also implemented a set of good practices, such as health and life insurance, complement for each minor child, tolerance on employees' birthday, availability of fruit, massages and curative medicine consultations, also counting on partnerships with different organizations that make available a discount program, NPlus, so that employees can enjoy advantages in different areas, from gymnasiums and spas, training, catering and also on holiday programs for their children.

 “We also have several team building activities and internal events, such as happy hours and success celebration events, as well as kick-offs, where we share the balance of the year and future goals with our talents. A band was also created, #teamnoesis, formed exclusively by internal talents. We believe that these initiatives are important to reinforce team cohesion, increase motivation and encourage communication. »

The results of these initiatives are reflected in the company's low monthly turnover, and during 2019 these values were between 2 and 4%. For Teresa Lopes Gândara, these are figures that also reveal the effects of greater investment in talent retention policies. «Our people know that Noesis is concerned with their well-being, valuing each person's contribution to everyone's success.»

Between Challenges and Priorities

The IT market faces the challenge of full employment and huge competition for talent. Hence, People Management and all themes related to Employer Branding assume a significant dimension. This is also the case at Noesis.

"Only with good Human Resources practices will we be able to be attractive as recruiters and thus be able to captivate the best people", believes the Human Capital director, who further argues that "only with inclusive Human Resources policies and following the best practices", they can "Sufficiently relevant to retain those same talents, investing in their continuous development and potential".

The organization believes that creative thinking and a sense of community help define its working atmosphere as a place of audacity and innovation. «We want to amplify the potential of each of our talents, promoting their development and evolution, so that they can motivate positive changes in society», says Teresa Lopes Gândara, for whom motivated teams are a decisive step towards the sustainable transformation of organizations.

Thus, at Noesis, investment in training has been increasing and, at the same time, more efficient, "because Human Resources have started to play a much more active role in the organization and planning of training courses taking place in the organization".

Another challenge presented to Noesis is related to generational differences. «We can clearly identify three generational groups, with the millennial generation being the most represented, with around 65%, but the centennials - or Gen Z newcomers to the corporate world, already represent close to 10% of the company's talents , a fact that poses new challenges for attracting and managing talent », recognizes Teresa Lopes Gândara.

 «These generational differences are considered in our strategy, because this is the only way we are able to give the most appropriate answer to our needs and motivations. And we continue to value proximity and openness between hierarchical levels. » With «sustained and constant growth» over the 25 years of activity, especially in the last few years - when it registered «significant growth, always in the order of double digits per year» -, for 2020, “Noesis has the objective of returning to record a growth in turnover in this line - more than 10% compared to the previous year - and to continue to grow in the number of employees.

We expect to be able to increase by around 100, compared to the number of employees registered at the end of 2019. » For this to happen, the company hopes to be able to count on the effects of its integration in the Altia Group.

«This incorporation allowed us to become part of a larger, stronger and more robust group, and this integration makes it possible to reinforce the growth strategy based on internationalization», he notes.

Deciphering trends

In the face of the pandemic scenario, with the company working remotely, Teresa Lopes Gândara points out that the greatest challenge is knowing how to manage all talents closely. «Certainly the world will not be the same when we return to" normality ", and we have a lot to learn from this period, especially with regard to the well-being of our employees", he says, arguing that "from this period, we have, for now, to remove the importance of providing other experiences to our employees, making them closer to each other and to the organization ».

Teresa concludes, summarizing: «Any Human Resources management trend that is put into practice in the short or medium term will always come from this period so disruptive that now lives, and will always pass through maintaining this proximity between employees, training and benefits, permanent monitoring on the part of the managers and a career evolution, but with a notion of balance between personal and professional life much more present. »

*Published in Human Resources Portugal.

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