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19 June 2020

Noesis helps manage the influx of commercial spaces 100% digitally, at ECO

Noesis launched a solution to manage the influx of people in commercial spaces and public services, through which it is possible to generate virtual passwords, identify the number of customers in the store, avoid unnecessary queues and waiting times. This solution is based on Microsoft technology - Microsoft 365 and Azure -, and allows the capture of virtual files or clusters of customers and the experience of visiting the space in a completely digital way, through the clients smartphone and those who work in a specific location .

Thus, it is possible to create virtual "passwords", notify users when it is their turn or schedule visits to certain places, all from a distance, ensuring that anyone visiting a space can safely wait for their turn. At the same time, store workers can access this information in real time.

“We believe that the sector can renew and protect itself in order to free its services, both in the public and private spheres. If there is a possibility that establishments will be able to generate virtual tickets for their customers, in which they will have direct access through their smartphone, as well as a set of information, such as: identifying the total number of customers allowed in the store, request a ticket, find out what the ticket number is at that moment and what next ... the process becomes much easier and more efficient, avoiding the creation of unnecessary queues ”, explains Rodolfo Luis Pereira, enterprise solutions director at Noesis.

Last Thursday, June 18th, Noesis presented this solution in a free webinar.

*Published in ECO.

Noesis ajuda a gerir afluência a espaços comerciais de forma 100% digital; Tablet; ECO;