27 February 2020

The era of Digital Experience

We are not all equal, but then why do brands keep communicating as if we were? A good Customer Experience (CX) strategy requires an optimized digital experience, this occurs when, regardless the channel of interaction with a brand, we feel that we are considered and valued.

In 2020, we will not have the long-awaited Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management (WCM) technologies, instead, we have entered a new era of Digital Experience (DXP). The consultancy agency supports the decision by the offer uniformization and market maturity, it is the end, it is the beginning of a new definition that considers the entire digital experience surrounding content generation.

The interaction we have with brands has never been as fast as today and, in the future, the expectation is that the time spent on specific content will be even less! Customer demand is now focused on more complex and detailed solutions in the various touchpoints with the customer.

A simple example is subscribing to an online service and entering a loyalty program, in the next instant, we are receiving a personalized newsletter promoting the same service. The Omnichannel content strategy must be centralized and orchestrated using a DXP logic, with a strong personalization component.

Omnichannel is a must, personalization is the solution.

If we go back 30 years, when we went to that store in the neighborhood, we felt special attention, like the intro of tv series Cheers - “Everybody knows your name”. That was personalization in the physical world! This proximity in the digital world is being achieved through personalization, the "conversational AI", through the already famous chatbots that automatically change the content of a specific website by the feedback received from customers. This is an advanced personalization in the digital world!

This digital world is not something futuristic, we already live in it and by the end of 2020, the forecast is that there will be 25 billion connected devices in the world. Businesses are already taking advantage of the potential of mobile devices and addressing digital personalization to provide deep immersion in the relationship with customers and thus achieve an optimized customer experience.
When we talk about customer experience, the critical aspect is the personalized message. Marketers are focused on looking for ways to spread the message, increase market presence and generate conversions. They all have the same benchmarking, which means that more than 93% of companies that use personalization are experiencing an increase in conversions coming directly from online traffic.

The market demands the simplification of the path to results and the search for an integrated solution that not only allows personalization of online content, but that does so by monitoring users' behavior in real-time.

There is a great diversity of platforms, but many fail to match the flexibility and the requirements needed to provide a true Digital Experience. At Noesis we bet on Sitecore, a powerful DXP solution that offers a holistic view of customer behavior in the digital world and that manages to enhance conversion by gathering data collected online with data collected in the physical world. A true Omnichannel concept. The tracking, analytics and automation features allow marketers to be able to customize campaigns, capture data, managing them, generate leads and obtain the so desired conversions.

The implementation has been transversal to several sectors and with incredibly positive success rates, whether in banking, insurance or even retail. Today, digital is available to everyone and winning is a matter of mindset. It is time to develop strategies focused on our targets and provide optimized experiences for customers, consumers, users or partners.

*Published in IT insight

Miguel Louro in IT Insight