04 November 2019

Female participation in technology: a response to industry challenges, in IT Insight

"In Europe, no country has more than 31% of women in technology positions, in a clear inequality between genders. For many, it may present itself as a topic of preference: more men prefer the technological area and, as a consequence, build their career with that motivation. Even so, this disparity results, in many cases, from the creation of a gender stereotype that alienates young women from an early age.

Despite being a generalization, we can observe the lack of successful female examples in technology, creating an inequality from the school age - without evidence of diversity and success, an idea of male superiority or predisposition in this sector is easily transmitted. "

The opinion of Noesis Human Capital Director to read in full on IT Insight!
2019 11 04 Participacao Feminina Na Tecnologia Uma Resposta Aos Desafios Do Setor In IT Insight