03 October 2019

The data impact chain, in IT Insight

"The value of data is, by nature, deeply linked to information extracted by big data systems and algorithms. These processing techniques have evolved substantially over the past few years, and we already see machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) mechanisms to draw user profiles and make extremely accurate predictions about customer behavior, using casual data resulting from web browsing.

Contributing to the digital transformation of organizations and society requires alignment with these trends and with market expectations, ensuring the storage and processing of large volumes of structured and unstructured data, based on a solid architecture and a predictive analysis. Only then is it possible to truly democratize access to data and achieve the full potential of the latest advances in AI. "

The opinion of Luís Gonçalves, Associate Director of Data Analytics & AI at Noesis, to read in full in the October edition of IT Insight.
2019 10 03 A Cadeia De Impacto Dos Dados In IT Insight