24 May 2019

Girls in Tech obtain funding to take more students to engineering courses, in SAPOTEK

The Girls in Tech project aims to pave the way for new collaboration possibilities between the academic world and civil society, simplifying the investment process in new ideas and projects.

The Girls in Tech group, constituted by 11 university students from various national academies, managed to obtain the necessary funding to carry out its mission of contributing to a greater gender diversity in STEM courses (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math).

The campaign was launched through the Unistarter academic project crowdfunding platform, having obtained 25% funding above its initial target (with the support of individual micro-investments and sponsorship from companies such as Noesis, Thales Group and KPMG).

With funding secured, Girls in Tech intends to organize school presentations to take the Engineering world to more than 1,000 high school students and create an online chat-forum where they can interact with Higher Education students and answer questions about what it means to study STEM at the University.

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20190524 Girls In Tech Obtem Financiamento Para Levar Mais Alunas A Cursos De Engenharia In SAPOTEK