22 March 2019

Automation and Robotics: Portugal exports new solutions, in Jornal Económico

Licínio Antunes, responsible for the DevOps & Automation area of Noesis, gives his opinion on the current state of robotics and automation in Portugal: "In the particular case of Noesis, which has a team specialized in the field, we have been demonstrating to customers which automates most business processes.With Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software, we have supported our customers in the automation of repetitive or high risk processes, as well as features that are subject to human error or that require a lot of time and effort in its manual execution.This automation leads to the employees and / or teams that usually perform these tasks are moved to functions that are more challenging for themselves and more important for the organizations.This trend increases profitability and contributed to the professional development of every employee - a win-win situation. "
Read the full supplement in the Jornal Económico.

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