06 March 2019

Culture of Cybersecurity to Minimize Risks, in IT Insight

"The number of cyber attacks, identity theft and other types of computer fraud have grown exponentially in recent years and are already one of the biggest risks for organizations on a global scale.
It is true that the Internet of Things (IoT) has catapulted data generation and its potential, but it has also generated a set of threats that make it crucial for organizations to invest in cybersecurity solutions. As a link between the digital and the tangible, it requires the permanent linkage of a set of systems and exposes vulnerabilities in uncontrolled or even unknown environments for organizations.
With artificial intelligence and machine learning, more data is generated and shared now than ever at any other time in history, and it is necessary to ensure its protection within organizations. The same technologies can be used in this regard, providing - with the use of data analytics - and neutralizing possible threats and risk patterns. "
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