23 July 2017

ERP is not dead, it has evolve, in Business IT

The question was: was ERP dead? No. What died was the traditional market for these applications. And that has opened the door to an even bigger market than the initial, based on value-added services on the standard ERP implementation. Cloud, BI cognitive systems, analytical tools, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and mobility are concepts that must be integrated into the "spirit" of the ERP. That is, it did not die, but it evolved. And a lot.

For Noesis, the most relevant fact in the ERP world was the transition from on-premise solutions to the cloud, which was only possible with the maturation of virtualization technology. Rafaela Nunes, senior manager of Enterprise Resource Planning at Noesis, says that ERP is currently facing new challenges brought about by technological development and also by the inevitable impositions of the market in the different sectors in which it operates.

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