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06 December 2023

#Teamnoesis Day: planting a Biodiversity Island

A sustainable morning and a team ready to make this world a better place

 In 2022, we headed to Pampilhosa da Serra. We reduced the number of kilometers this year, but we brought the youngest members of #teamnoesis with us to leave another positive mark on this world. On November 25, we joined forces and rolled up our sleeves to create a micro-forest next to the Escola Superior de Comunicação Social (ESCS) that aims to reduce car noise, combat air pollution from the 2nd Circular, create an ecological corridor, and promote the connection between students and biodiversity. 

We accepted this challenge with a "green" conscience to reinforce our commitment to Nature. Under the guidance of the Biodiversity Islands team and following the Miyawaki forest method, which involves planting only native species in the region, contributing to better soil regeneration and faster tree growth, this high-density micro-forest was created by a team of volunteers made up of Noesis talents and their children, the ESCS academic community and Valorsul, a leading company in the environmental sector in Lisbon and the Western region.  

In all, around 150 trees and shrubs of 24 native species were planted in 50m2, which will be left to the team of members of the ESCS Eco-Schools Council, who, according to Cláudia Silvestre, believe that this project "plays a fundamental role in promoting sustainability, namely environmental education and biodiversity conservation".  

For Vítor Gordo, creator of Biodiversity Islands, these micro-forests "contribute to local health and well-being, reduce urban temperatures, and can help mitigate the impacts of climate change." Meanwhile, Sandra Martins, Marketing & Communication Manager at Noesis Portugal, says that taking part in this initiative, "together with our employees and their younger family members (...) is a unique opportunity to put our values into practice and contribute to a better world."   

Together, we can change the world!