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11 June 2024

#Teamnoesis Day: beach clean-up & Paddle and Surf lessons in Matosinhos

Sustainability and sport are great allies. In one afternoon, we caught waves and contributed to the safety of the marine ecosystem

In the month we're supporting campaigns to protect the oceans and nature, we decided to go out on the waves at Praia de Matosinhos in Porto. On May 25, #teamnoesis joined Onda Pura - Surf Center for an afternoon of Stand-Up paddling, surfing, beach cleaning, and socializing with ambient music.

The second #teamnoesis Day of the year was a unique opportunity for our talents to engage in sustainable activities, gain a deeper understanding of the maritime environment, and learn the various techniques of these two water sports.

After the Surf Day in Lisbon, the talents from the North of the country were eager for a similar experience, so we decided to give them a hands-on surfboard adventure. After warming up, the first contact with paddleboarding and surfing always requires sharing lessons and basics, as well as safety tips and guidance on how to pull off a "surfer-style" move.

Out at sea, they were able to experience the exhilaration of gliding over the waves, always with many falls in the mix. But these falls only served to strengthen the camaraderie, as the teammates cheered on each other's progress and achievements, creating a fun and supportive atmosphere.

During the beach clean-up, the participants removed trash, promoted the health of ecosystems, reduced the risk of contamination of the oceans by protecting marine species, and became more aware of the importance of preserving nature.


Ultimately, the talents described this #teamnoesis day as a "fun experience to repeat".