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15 October 2022

#Teamnoesis Day: Together in Pampilhosa da Serra for a greener future

Teambuilding activities that awaken the connection with Nature and strengthen the bonds between employees

Noesis' talents defined Sustainability as one of the most important themes to implement in an organization and suggested holding more out-of-office team buildings. The conclusions are from the Employer Branding Survey launched yearly to determine which initiatives are most valued. This is how the #teamnoesis Days were born, in which employees take part in initiatives related to Sustainability and Sport. In its teambuilding activities, Noesis aims to combine teamwork with the notion of environmental responsibility and well-being, thus reinforcing the company's culture and its commitment to Sustainability. 

Make a Difference Day has been celebrated since 1992 on the fourth Saturday in October, and the aim is to encourage people to make a difference and offer support to the community, promote volunteering, and celebrate mutual help in life in society. This year's event took place on October 22, so on October 15, we brought together Noesis' talents in Pampilhosa da Serra, a region heavily affected by the fires, for a tree-planting activity and a canoeing trip to the Santa Luzia Dam.  

Around 40 employees from the various Noesis offices had the opportunity to learn more about how to plant a tree, which species should be planted in Pampilhosa da Serra, and the benefits that this type of activity can bring to the environment and biodiversity. Before lunch, while on a short walk, our talents got to work and started excavating and planting.  

The lunch break took place near the River Unhais, where there was time to socialize and talk about the previous experience, but also to recharge batteries for an exciting canoeing trip, which took the Noesis team to explore the banks of the Santa Luzia Dam.   

In this teambuilding, where Nature was the protagonist, Noesis gave its talents a memorable and enriching day. Let's make the world a better place! 


Watch the best moments of this #teamnoesis Day here.