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08 May 2023

Strengthening position in all markets

Noesis ended the year with its international operation accounting for 30% of its business

Strengthening position in all markets

The positive balance of 2022 allows Noesis to face the current year with confidence and, above all, motivation to continue developing its operation in the international market. The technology company ended the year by establishing its international operation at 30% and is now working to make this operation represent 50% of total revenue. This objective is included in the company's Strategic Plan until 2023.

Noesis has been consistently growing, investing heavily in the local structures of the markets in which it operates - Spain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Brazil, and the USA. It is thanks to this investment that the company has won reference customers at a European and global level.

Internationalization Strategy

Noesis' internationalization strategy is "hand in hand" with Altia, with whom it has developed a wide range of projects in the Spanish market. In the Netherlands, the idea is to strategically position the office and turn it into a technological center capable of providing services to clients throughout the Benelux region and Nordic countries. In turn, Ireland will be used as a platform to attract new clients in the UK, while in the United States, which serves all of North America, Noesis' main objective is to strengthen its local structure over the next two to three. In the present year, Noesis has reinforced its commercial team in Ireland as well.

Noesis ended 2022 surpassing the 1000 employee mark, a structure of this size adds new challenges to its management. From the outset, the fact of having more and more off-site resources in different countries, but also increasingly local employees in the countries where it operates, and a greater diversity of nationalities - Portuguese, Spanish, Brazilian, Dutch, North American, among others - within the organization. This reality requires Noesis to be attentive and able to accommodate this cultural diversity within the organization, as well as other "basic" issues such as language or communication."