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16 January 2024

testingON: Revolutionizing Software Testing with Cutting-Edge Automation

Harness the Power of No-Code Automation with TestingON for Unmatched Software Testing Efficiency

testingON is not just another test automation software, it's a paradigm shift in software testing!

Born in 2017, testingON started as a vision to transform traditional testing methodologies. Our goal was bold: drastically slash testing times and supercharge efficiency across IT landscapes.

Now a powerhouse in both Portugal and Brazil, testingON proudly serves over ten esteemed clients in Brazil and five in Portugal.

What sets testingON apart?

It's our no-code approach. Here’s what you can expect:

-No-Code Automation: Empower your team, technical or not, to automate effortlessly.

-User-friendly tool: ease of use makes it particularly accessible to non-technical users, ensuring seamless integration with various test and defect management platforms.

-Simplicity: The commitment to simplicity and effectiveness is evident, providing organizations with a powerful tool for navigating the complexities of the testing landscape.

Ready to transform your software testing? Step into the future with testingON. Say hello to efficiency, agility, and reliability.

Schedule demo or download our whitepaper to explore testingON in action. Discover more here: