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13 November 2023

Noesis and Oney Clinch Honorable Mention at Sitecore Experience Awards 2023!

Recognized for Exceptional Achievement in Reshaping Customer Experiences

Today marks a moment of triumph as Noesis proudly secures an Honorable Mention at the Sitecore Experience Awards 2023, standing shoulder to shoulder with our esteemed partner, Oney.
The Sitecore Experience Awards (SEAs) are a beacon, illuminating organizations and collaborators who have ingeniously redefined their landscapes. Our joint efforts with Oney shine in the limelight, illustrating how our Sitecore solutions meet and exceed expectations, delivering extraordinary customer experiences and fostering significant overall value.
In a year that saw a doubling of global award submissions compared to its predecessor, Noesis' recognition is a resounding echo of our relentless commitment to sculpting a future where Sitecore is the bedrock of innovation.