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11 June 2024

Google Cloud Day 2024 at the Estoril Convention Center!

Noesis is a sponsor partner of the biggest Google Cloud event in Portugal on June 27th!

This is the biggest Google Cloud event in Portugal, and it will bring together technology experts, business leaders, and more!


The event will feature high-level talks, interactive workshops, and discussion forums on artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud security, and digital transformation. Participants can explore the latest innovations from Google Cloud and how they can boost their businesses.


Case studies and practical demonstrations of Google Cloud solutions will also be presented to enrich the event.


In addition, the event will also provide networking, allowing attendees to make valuable contacts with industry professionals.


To pique your curiosity, here's a summary of the event program:


  • Welcome session: Presentation of current cloud computing trends, focusing on Google Cloud innovations.


  • Google Cloud talks

1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Exploring tools and use cases.

2. Cloud Security: Best practices and new security solutions.

3. Digital transformation: Case studies and strategies for adopting the cloud.


  • Panel discussions:

The future of cloud computing: Participation by industry leaders.

Sustainability and the Cloud: How the cloud contributes to sustainable business practices.


  • Cocktails and networking:

Network with Google Cloud experts, partners, and peers while enjoying music and drinks for a sociable, good time.



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