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31 January 2024

Noesis and Sitecore collaborate to explore "The Art of the Possible"

Exciting partnership event showcases the potential of digital transformation

Noesis, a leader in innovative technology solutions, recently partnered with Sitecore for an exclusive "The Art of Possible" event. Held at Noesis' headquarters, the event brought together a diverse audience, including esteemed customers and industry experts.

The event's highlights were the presentations by Rodolfo Pereira, Director of Enterprise Solutions at Noesis, and Javier Quintana Rios, South EMEA Partner Manager at Sitecore. These presentations delved into the limitless possibilities of digital transformation, leaving the participants inspired and motivated.

As host of this event, Noesis continues demonstrating its commitment to driving innovation and fostering collaboration in the digital landscape. 

Stay tuned for more news on future collaborations and events!