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18 April 2022

Noesis organizes event dedicated to the Logistics sector in the Netherlands

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The event, organized by Noesis, took place in Rotterdam, where the main challenges faced by the Logistics sector, transportation, and distribution, were discussed and how technology can be an innovation driver for companies in the sector. 
In recent times, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused disruptions on a global scale. Several contingency measures have been implemented to address this adversity and have created congestion and logistics problems, directly affecting the supply chain. Factors such as the lack of operational workers, ruptured ports, and growing political tensions aggravated this situation and created complex challenges for the industry. 
Nelson Pereira, CTO of Noesis, was one of the speakers at the event, where he presented the main technological trends in the Logistics and Transportation sector and how organizations can take advantage of their full potential. The CTO shared with the audience emerging processes and technologies that he considers essential to enhance the success of organizations.
From Artificial Intelligence to the rapid development of Low-Code solutions, including Automation and Software Quality Management, several topics were addressed, with the demonstration of practical examples of how these technologies are contributing to mitigate the obstacles that the sector faces. One of the solutions presented was a real case of using artificial intelligence and computer vision to automate the inventory process, detect supply failures and evaluate stock levels in real-time.
Wim Gerhort, Director of Software Development at Vopak, was another guest speaker and presented the Digital Transformation journey the company has been going through, in partnership with Noesis and using OutSystems technology. 
Bas Koopmanschap, Managing Partner at Nextpage, led a session where he demonstrated how Lean Management and KPI orientation improve organizations' performance and overall performance.
Finally, there was also time for a roundtable, moderated by Frank Lenders (Noesis), with the presence of Wim Gerholt (Vopak), Jelle de Rooij (Nederland Distributieland), Arjan Waardenburg (OutSystems), Bas Koopmanschap (Nextpage) and Nelson Pereira (Noesis).