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05 June 2022

Noesis at the HealthTech Ireland Annual Conference

Find out all about the latest edition of the event that, every year, combines technology and healthcare

HealthTech Ireland is an independent trade association for manufacturers, developers & distributors of health technology products & solutions to the health system.
This year, HealthTech Ireland celebrated its 40th anniversary. The conference reflected much of the progress and innovation that the sector is known for and the challenges and many opportunities facing it. The event brought together industry and healthcare leaders, innovators, and investors and showed that the sector is on the cusp of significant change.
The event took place in Croke Park (Dublin, Ireland) and had a solid turnout at the conference, with 300 delegates enjoying informative presentations, insightful panel discussions, and strong networking between delegates. 
Susan Treacy, CEO of HealthTech Ireland Association, stated that ‘in recent years, challenges have been unprecedented from Brexit, the pandemic, war, and inflation, and they continue to raise their head. We know Ireland is behind in certain areas of healthcare delivery, for example, digital health. Considering we are a hotbed for MedTech supported by a highly technical workforce, it’s up to all of us to leverage our capabilities to enable change, and I have no doubt we will continue to do that. The pandemic demonstrated what can be achieved in healthcare both rapidly and safely when we take action together.’
Noesis sponsored the event and raffled several prizes among attendees, and the highlight was a pair of Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones, whose winner was announced at the main stage of the event. 
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