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23 April 2024

Noesis and Sitecore were present in Ireland for an inspirational session - The Art of Possible

The British Irish Chamber of Commerce hosted an inspirational session. Distinction clients and experts from various sectors participated in this event, talking about generative artificial intelligence with Noesis and Sitecore.

On 23 April, the British Irish Chamber of Commerce hosted an inspirational session - The Art of Possible by Noesis- with Sitecore.


In this inspirational session featured illustrious speaker Rodolfo Pereira, Enterprise Solutions Director at Noesis, talking about the power and challenges of AI and how your organization can improve customer engagement and shape the future of your business by making it more digital. And with Javier Quintana Rios, South EMEA Partner Manager at Sitecore, talking about Sitecore's revolutionary advances and generative AI. 


We highlight some of the topics that were covered during this session: 

  • - The power and challenges of Artificial Intelligence: Discover how AI technologies simulate human intelligence, revolutionizing decision-making processes.
  • - AI and organizational performance: How AI can drive innovation, increase efficiency, and deliver personalized customer experiences, transforming organizational performance.
  • - Generative AI: Exploring the creative potential of generative AI and its impact on customer satisfaction.
  • - Customer engagement through AI: Discover how AI powers the world of personalized experiences tailored to individual preferences.


During the session, participants had the opportunity to discover how technological innovations, including generative AI, are revolutionizing businesses by enabling them to offer more personalized experiences and more effectively face the competition.