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02 November 2022

Noesis and Micro Focus on an Executive Breakfast

Noesis and Micro Focus presented the SMAX solution, which aims to optimize the services provided

Noesis, together with Micro Focus, one of the largest enterprise software providers in the world, organized an executive breakfast at NAU Palácio do Governador Hotel to present a solution that aims to optimize the services provided.

The executive breakfast started with a presentation by Pedro Caria- Sales Director at Noesis- and Rodrigo Ferreira- Sales Manager in Portugal at Micro Focus- of this solution, Service Management Automation X (SMAX). 

The SMAX solution is based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that increases the productivity of teams in the provision of services, as well as the reduction of operational costs, number of incidents and resolution time. 

Curious about this solution? Request more information here.


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 SMAX Presentation at NAU Palácio do Governador Hotel