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09 July 2023

Delinea PAM Solutions: Protecting Companies Against Cyber Threats

Unlock the Full Potential of Delinea's PAM Solutions with Noesis as your Partner in Privileged Access Management

The exponential growth of digitais businesses in recent years has been accompanied by alarming news about the proliferation of various cyberattacks. Factors such as outdated hardware and software architectures, weak passwords, and an increase in the attack surface represent some of the vulnerabilities that can cause uncontrollable damage to organizations, resulting in fines and complete shutdown.


To achieve the desired "Business Resilience," cybersecurity emerges as the most crucial aspect of this concept. Thus, a philosophy of "Security by Design" has become imperative for organizational security. It should primarily integrate capabilities such as a Security Operations Center, vulnerability management tools, and sophisticated technologies to identify and contain real-time attacks.


Ransomware Attacks Dominate the Cyber Threat Landscape

In recent years, Ransomware Attacks have become a booming business for cybercriminals or, as many refer to them, an increasingly unavoidable "plague" for companies. These attacks employ increasingly refined tactics and a mass business model in which attackers buy and sell stolen credentials and other sensitive data.

In this sense, it is not only advisable but necessary for any organization, regardless of its size or industry, to implement tools capable of reducing the risk of privileged credential abuse and thus protecting all critical assets of the company.


According to Forrester, 80% of cyberattacks involve gaining access to privileged accounts, making them the primary target for attackers. Once they compromise an account and gain system access, cybercriminals meticulously map the network to gain access to higher-value assets and elevate privilege rights, all while going undetected.


How to Safeguard Organizations?

To address this formidable threat, solutions for Privileged Access Management (PAM) have emerged, focusing on identifying the people, processes, and technologies that require such access at the core of an organization.


Within this scope, specialized technologies like Delinea stand out, offering comprehensive solutions tailored to businesses. Delinea's main mission is to minimize the attack surface of businesses, improve audit visibility and compliance, and provide the main support for a credible and long-term security framework.


Get in touch with our experts and discover in detail the PAM solution portfolio from Delinea - a leader in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Privileged Access Management 2022, and learn how Noesis positions itself as one of the main partners for this technology.


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