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15 February 2024

Noesis Shines as Sponsor at Past IDC Dinner Charlotte, Unveiling the Power of AI in App Landscapes

US Account Manager Josh Enderline Delivered Keynote Address on Leveraging AI for Organizational App Ecosystems

Noesis, a leading tech consultancy, made a significant impact as a sponsor at the prestigious past IDC Dinner Charlotte event. Among the highlights of the evening was a captivating presentation by Noesis's US Account Manager, Josh Enderline, focusing on the pivotal role of artificial intelligence (AI) in-app landscapes.
Enderline's presentation, titled "Leveraging AI in App Landscape," delved deep into the transformative potential of GenAI technology in enhancing organizations' app ecosystems. Attendees gained insights into harnessing AI capabilities to drive efficiency, innovation, and growth within their organizations.
With a keen focus on practical applications, Enderline shared real-world use cases demonstrating the tangible benefits of incorporating AI into business strategies. From optimizing processes to enhancing customer experiences, attendees learned about AI's myriad ways to drive success in today's digital landscape.