Lights and Technology
08 September 2021

Noesis obtains Information Security certification - ISO27001

A demonstration of the continuous and demanding commitment to information security

Noesis obtained the Information Security certification – ISO27001, as a result of the definition of a set of practices and the adoption of requirements, processes, and control systems, which aim to manage the information security risks in the Organizations adequately.
The ISO 27001 standard is the international standard and reference for the management of Information Security. It confirms Noesis' high commitment to protecting information, allowing the organization to adopt best practices to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of essential data. Business.

“Noesis now has a security certificate. It does not mean that we are the safest company in the world. It does mean that we have a management system that helps us be safer. Still, it also means that each one of us has the responsibility to comply with all safety rules", affirms Paulo Pina, Senior Manager at Noesis.
In a project led by Paulo Pina, Senior Manager at Noesis, and Teresa Gândara, Human Capital Director at Noesis, this certification demonstrates the continuous and demanding commitment to information security, its confidentiality, availability, and integrity Noesis, as an IT company, possesses and defends.