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25 July 2021

Altia will increase its net profit by 50% in just two years

From 6.2 million Euros in 2020 to 9.3 million Euros in 2022, find out about the business plan for 2021 and 2022 of the Altia group

Altia has presented last week its Business Plan for 2021 and 2022, which represents an increase in its net profit of 50% from 6.2 million euros in 2020 to 9.3 million in 2022. 

This increase is supported, on the one hand, by the projected improvement in EBITDA, since this figure is expected to grow 22% in 2021 (from 11.7 million to 14.3 million) and 17.2% in 2022 (from 14.3 million to 16.8 million) and, on the other hand, due to the improvement in the Group's financial results. 

The Plan presented and approved by the Board of Directors proposes a first year of business consolidation, making the necessary investments and adjustments, and debt reduction derived from the incorporation of Noesis to the Group, which took place in 2020, as well as a second year of growth with improved profitability and higher cash generation.  

“With this Business Plan, we are marking a roadmap for the next two years marked by the uncertainty arising from the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Tino Fernández, president of Altia. “In spite of this, in the Group we have demonstrated a robustness and adaptability that allows us to present a plan to continue growing well-positioned at the forefront of a sector as competitive as ours.” 

The Business Plan for the years 2021-2022 sets out strategic lines of action. It is based on a cost and operational structure that has traditionally been well dimensioned, based on this, and with the acquisition of Noesis and the technological leap taken with very innovative services, solutions, and products and in clear harmony with global technological trends. 

The main lines contained within the Plan are commercial in nature, with an increasingly international dimension. These lines include increasing positioning in international markets in which the Group is already present – Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Ireland, United States of America, Brazil and Chile, by consolidating the position within its client’s base and by cross-selling Altia and Noesis products and services.