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18 July 2021

Noesis joins the Alliance of Microsoft Partners in Portugal

Microsoft launches Alliance with Partners in Portugal based on shared values, sustainability, and growth

29 partners already confirmed, and more than 20 thousand people involved!
During the worldwide partner conference - "Inspire 2021", Microsoft recently announced the Microsoft Partners Alliance in Portugal. The initiative aims to ensure that everyone has the right skills and opportunities to continue creating diverse environments, prioritizing sustainability in business decisions, and developing responsible and ethical technologies. Noesis, as a Microsoft partner, could not fail to join this movement. 
The initiative's objectives include sharing the same values, impacting the ecosystem of partners in Portugal, increasing loyalty with partners, adopting and scaling new business perspectives, and building and strengthening relationships. 
The Pillars that govern this initiative are as follows: 
Digital skills: create awareness for digital skills initiatives to support Portugal in preparing for future challenges, take advantage of opportunities, empower partners with new skills, and promote initiatives with organizations. 
Ethical and Responsible Artificial Intelligence: Adopting diverse perspectives, continuous learning, and agile responsiveness as technology develops, putting people first. For Artificial Intelligence to grow and implement responsibly, the Microsoft AI Design Principles are offered to the partners. 
Diversity and Inclusion: To improve the diversity of the technological workforce in Portugal and include the construction and implementation of accessible solutions that empower all people. Adopting inclusive processes, recruitment and promotion practices, and the fight against racial inequality are valued principles. 
Sustainability: Technology has the power to help protect our planet, and Microsoft is supporting its partners and customers to reduce their carbon footprint, in line with its global commitments – be carbon negative by 2030, as well as removing all the carbon it has emitted since 1975, and participation in the $10 billion Climate Innovation Fund. 
It is important to stress that these same pillars align with Microsoft's strategy and values and with its partner ecosystem. 
Already 29 partners and more than 20,000 people joined the initiative. Abel Aguiar, Executive Director for Channel and Partners at Microsoft Portugal, affirms that:"We are proud to be able to count on this number of partners already involved, which reinforces the trust and vitality of our ecosystem. At Microsoft Portugal, we walk hand in hand with partners on a remarkable journey. With this Alliance, we plan for the future, committed to ensuring that everyone has the right skills and opportunities to continue to embrace digital transformation." 
For Ricardo Rocha, Marketing & Communication Director at Noesis: “We congratulate Microsoft for this initiative, which we adhered to since the beginning. We operate in a sector that has been responsible for a transformation with a great impact on organizations, people, and their future. In this way, this ecosystem must be especially attentive to increasingly relevant themes such as digital empowerment, sustainability, diversity, and inclusion.