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13 May 2021

Webinar Test Automation: How to succeed

20th May

Good practices, strategies to be successful in test automation, and real testimonials. Sign up for the test automation webinar on the 20th of May and learn more!
On the next 20th of May, Noesis will organize the webinar “test automation: how to succeed”, which will explore the journey for the implementation of a successful test automation strategy.
Eduardo Amaral, Quality Management Director at Noesis, and Ricardo Rocha, Marketing & Communication Director at Noesis, will lead the session, which will count with guests such as Shaheb Hassan, DevOps Service Delivery Manager at Vopak, and Sezen Bruijn, Solution Architect at OutSystems.
The webinar will feature a keynote by Eduardo Amaral about “How to start your Test Automation journey?” and a roundtable under the theme “Accelerating software development through test automation”, which will be moderated by Noesis' Quality Management Director, who will speak with specialists from the Dutch market: Shaheb Hassan, from Vopak, and Sezen Bruijn, from OutSystems. 
Test automation can have a very positive impact on the productivity of organizations, due to the reduction of effort, time, and costs in development, leading to resource optimization.
Noesis reinforces its commitment to themes related to quality, presenting a set of strategies and guidelines that ensure that through good practices, the expected results can be achieved.