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12 April 2021

Noesis launches Ntx new release

The new release of Noesis’ test automation tool introduces new features and improvements from the previous version

Noesis test automation tool, launched in 2017, has revolutionized the quality of software delivery. Ntx distinguishes itself by being intuitive, fast, and versatile - adapting to the context and needs of the solved problems.

In order to continuously improve and innovate, Ntx team launched a new release, which in addition to include several improvements at the interface level, presents new features to improve test case management and automation experience. Among them, we highlight:

- Definition of user roles/permissions;

- Introduction of artificial intelligence to help identify objects with the greatest number of failures and to present possible corrections to the users;

- Possibility of running tests on Containers (Dockers), to minimize the cost/need for physical and virtual machines;

- Possibility to perform Xray authentication through Token;

- Possibility to define a moment to take a screenshot for each step

- Possibility to obtain the link for the execution of the mobile tests via Saucelabs;

- In Record and Play, the inclusion of the indication of the existence of the object (s) on other pages of the application in use;

- Possibility to perform the actions of “undo” and/or “redo” on the Create Tests page;

- Indication of the number of users in use / available in the NTX configurations.

Throughout the year 2021, Ntx team expects to launch three more releases of the product, and the next one is scheduled for May.


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