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29 March 2021

Noesis participates in the Sitecore Hackathon’21

Noesis participates in the Sitecore Hackathon’21 with the only Portuguese teams in a universe of 95 teams.

Noesis was present for the 3rd year at the Sitecore Hackathon, represented by 2 teams from our Enterprise Solutions business unit, the only two Portuguese teams in a universe of 215 participants. 

The #TeamNoesis team formed by Pedro Luís, Jorge Pimenta, and Cristian da Luz, developed a project in the category “The best enhancement to the Sitecore Admin (XP) for Content Editors & Marketers”

The Sitecore Insiders team formed by Bruno Nunes, Jorge Aça, and Ruben Marcelino, developed a project in the “The best enhancement to SXA” category. 

This hackathon became especially challenging due to the online component, the participants shared. 

“In order to solve the Hackathon challenge, teamwork is essential, which is much easier when in person, both in terms of communication and motivational level. During the 24 hours (in a row!) of the hackathon there are several unforeseen events and, as time goes on, and it is essential to work very well as a team. Fortunately, as we have been working together remotely for several months, we managed to organize the distribution of tasks well and remained in communication throughout the Hackathon. ” 




Participants also admit that they are already proud to have just participated and to have finished the project in the proposed 24 hours, since it’s such a challenging hackathon. They are now expecting the results that will be revealed in two months. 

In 2019 we won the contest in the SXA category, we are now looking forward to the outcome of this year!