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24 November 2020

Lisbon Data & AI Forum - Wrap up

The reference event about data analytics organized by Noesis with Qlik happened last Thursday and had an agenda full of news and surprises

Another edition of the Lisbon Data & AI Forum ended, an event organized by Noesis with Qlik, which presented itself with a new face and a new concept. The name has changed and so has the dynamic; the Lisbon BI Forum became the Lisbon Data & AI Forum, and the lisbon congress hall moved to a digital platform with live streaming via stream and via youtube. The motto launched was “Create your own data journey” and the agenda was organized with this objective: to make available a set of contents that would allow participants to create their own data journey.

The agenda was attended by organizations recognized in the market, who embraced the challenge of Noesis and Qlik to give their testimony on the key themes of the event: business intelligence, artificial intelligence and data analytics. Between 3 keynote sessions and 4 round tables, participants shared different perspectives on issues such as the implementation of a data culture, roadmaps and data strategies, the evolution of artificial intelligence and the main challenges that the new data generation brings to the competitiveness of companies. organizations.

The speakers of the Super Bock Group, MaisFarmácia, McDonalds, Turismo de Portugal, Bayer, Cloudera, Qlik, IDC, DSPA and Noesis allowed that through the sharing of different visions, positive insights and with added value for all subscribers.

Open Session

The opening session was led by Ricardo Rocha, Associate Marketing Director at Noesis, who welcomed all participants and took the opportunity to reinforce Noesis' position in the context of Data Analytics. Of the nine business areas, Data Analytics & AI has been one of the strongest bets and with the most evident results for Noesis.

The growth of the area is supported by the strength of the team, made up of qualified professionals, and also by the long-standing partnership with Qlik. In 4 years of the event the evolution has been remarkable, but the basic principle has remained: to create a forum for discussion and sharing on these relevant topics.

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The Root of all Analytics, Luís Gonçalves

The Keynote “The Root of all Analytics”, promoted by Luís Gonçalves worked as a kick-off for the round tables that took place throughout the event. The Director of Data Analytics & AI at Noesis made a retrospective of the year 2020. A year full of unexpected changes caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, which reinforced the importance of including data at the center of decisions.

According to a study presented by Luís Gonçalves, on data-centric culture, only 16% of organizations currently have a fully defined data strategy, however, 50% of organizations are starting this path and trying to bet on data. Which means that we are evolving into a new generation in which data will play a key role in organizations.

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Round Table: The benefits of Data are contagious

The Round Table “The Benefits of Data are contagious” was attended by Rui Ramos from the Super Bock Group, André Barrigas from MaisFarmácia and Pedro Figueiredo from McDonald's, who together with Noesis AI Senior Manager, Bruno Santos, addressed the importance of creating a data culture at the heart of organizations.

The real testimony of these partners made it possible to identify the real challenges that the implementation of a data culture requires, as well as the different phases that are included in the process. Among them we highlight, the trust and usefulness of the information, the outline of the priorities and the identification of the best BI strategies to follow.

Other important points highlighted by the participants were the role that human resources play in the data culture process, because they are key pieces to ensure that data culture is effectively a culture shared by all members of the organization; and the benefits that data produce by allowing you to perceive as a whole what happens in an organization's activity.

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Round Table: Reshaping your data journey

The next session, moderated by Pedro Caria, Noesis Sales Director, focused on roadmaps and data strategies that organizations can define to achieve better results. Sérgio Guerreiro do Turismo de Portugal and Alexandre Santiago da Bayer participated in the discussion, who spoke about their data days and specifically about the challenges that the pandemic brought to their sectors of activity.

Both organizations, although with different focuses of activity, identified data as one of the fundamental pillars for the success and competitiveness of organizations. For Turismo de Portugal, because its main business objective is to disseminate updated information to the different players in the tourism sector. And for Bayer, because the 150 years of existence translate into a giant volume of data capable of producing important insights. Hence the justification for the level of importance that the data assume.

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Round Table: Empoweing new data best pratices

Artificial intelligence is a game changer for data and the new generation of analytics. For this reason, in this reference event on data analytics, AI and BI, there could be a session that addressed the challenges of artificial intelligence and its evolution in the context of organizations.

In a conversation moderated by Pedro Lopes, AI Team Leader at Noesis, with Alex Campos da Cloudera and Ricardo Ramos from Qlik, specialists in the area, the advantages of artificial intelligence that are increasingly democratized and accessible to all types of contexts were discussed.

Both experts stressed the importance of clarifying that augmented reality tools are not created to replace users, but to help them perform their functions more effectively. And in parallel, they recognized that data privacy represents a challenge for organizations.

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Round Table: Integrating the blurred lines between Business and IT

The last Round Table was moderated by Gabriel Coimbra, from IDC, and featured Luís Gonçalves from Noesis, Pedro Caria from Noesis, Guilherme Pereira from DSPA and Fran Rodriguez from Qlik. All together talked about the latest lan IDC forecasts on Data Analytics & AI, presented by Gabriel Coimbra. Among them we highlight:

 1. After the pandemic, around 20% of organizations in Europe will invest more in the area of Data analytics & AI; about 50 to 60% will maintain the level of investment; and a small percentage will reduce.

 2. About 25% of the two thousand largest organizations will buy an AI or machine learning startup in order to develop new business models.

 3. In 2023 a large part of the infrastructure that technologically supports an organization will be in the cloud.

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Close Session

The event ended with a closing session where Noesis and Qlik were given a joint view on the new data generation. Luís Gonçalves da Noesis and Pablo Diaz Sanfeliu from Qlik presented the main guidelines for organizations to remain competitive in the face of the challenges that arise in this context of constant change.

The Lisbon Data & AI Forum will be back next year with a new theme and a renewed agenda, complete with relevant content that will add positive insights to organizations.

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