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23 March 2020

Portuguese National Innovation Agency acknowledges Noesis’ aptitude for R&D activities.

Noesis’ has now the statute of aptitude to carry out R&D activities in ICT sector.

Noesis´repute for research and development in the ICT sector was attributed by ANI - Agência Nacional de Inovação. This statute recognizes Noesis' ability to carry out research and development activities in the technical-scientific domain of ICT in the following areas of activity

  • ICT in companies.
  • Internet of Things
  • New Forms of Communication

The attribution of the aptitude statute for R&D comes from the evidence given in the creation of specific technological solutions, based on technologies such as Outsystems, Microsoft and Qlik in recent years, in which, Insights HR solutions stands out - a Human Resources management tool based on Qlik, NTX - Noesis test automation solution or 4Assets - Asset management solution based on Microsoft technology (Azure and Dynamics).

This is the recognition of Noesis’ culture of constant innovation and the development of solutions adjusted to the needs of its clients.

Noesis’ aptitude for R&D activities