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11 September 2019

iNoesis is already available! The Artificial intelligence in highlight!

"Technologically, the first six months of 2019 were marked by the greater attention given to a set of disruptive technologies. There is no surprise in what are the most natural interactions with equipments supported in IoT and Artificial Intelligence, while working closely on the customer experience with tools that elevate this area to a new level of efficiency.

Attentive to the reality around itself, Noesis says present and monitors global IT movements, aligning strategies with the market. In this edition of iNoesis Magazine, we mirror this, discussing in depth the theme of Artificial Intelligence, a technology that, moreover, embraces all the offer we put on the market, in a cross-cutting way."

Alexandre Rosa in iNoesis 35, available for download here!
2019 09 11 Inoesis