19 September 2018

The Process Mining Business Breakfast was a success!

Noesis, Celonis and SAP organised a business breakfast about Process Mining.

Partnering with Celonis and SAP, Noesis hosted the Process Mining Business Breakfast at the Sheraton Lisbon Hotel. Over the course of the event, specialised speakers highlighted the importance of Process Mining in maximising the efficiency at organisations.

Nuno Pacheco, ERP, BI and AS Director at Noesis, opened the session with a set of advantages of Process Mining, one of the technologies in the Noesis portfolio.
Luís Grincho, Head of Database & Technologies at SAP, was one of the invited speakers. According to him, “technologies that allow organisations to save seconds are those that change processes completely”. Mentioning the upsides of SAP Process Mining by Celonis, Luís Grincho believes that Celonis was rewarded because “it is a differentiated technology that created a new way to navigate SAP solutions”.

The business breakfast also included a demo of the Purchase-to-Pay process by Rafaela Nunes, ERP Senior Manager at Noesis. For the duration of the demo, she showcased Celonis’ ability to rebuild processes in the exact way that they are executed, and the option to modify variables of analysis. 
For the final session, Luciana Correa, Partner Manager at Celonis explained that “Celonis allows for the creation of specific sets of analysis, fitting the clients’ needs”, with the goal to “encourage digital transformation at organisations".
Process Mining Business Breakfast 2018