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25 July 2017

Noesis named Partner of the year by Fujitsu

Lisbon, 25th July 2017 – Noesis, the benchmark Portuguese technology company, was named Partner of the year by Fujitsu, thus obtaining the highest award. This award was granted in the context of the partner ranking Select Partners Awards, an event organised as part of the Fujitsu World Tour, aimed at rewarding the main partners for their commitment and dedication to Fujitsu.

This distinction recognizes the performance and work of excellence that Noesis has shown throughout the years in different fields, but particularly in the field of infrastructures. This partnership legitimises the merit of the exceptional results obtained in the solutions the company has been developing for its Customers, with the incorporation of Fujitsu technologies, both nationally and internationally. Throughout the years, Noesis has developed several projects in that field for different Customers, in the various countries where it operates and with quite positive results.

According to Nelson Pereira, CTO of Noesis, “In the last 30 years, Noesis has been investing strongly on a differentiating service in the field of infrastructures, and in the last 3/4 years, it has been doing so in partnership with Fujitsu. It is important to highlight that, even though this is a rather competitive field, Noesis and Fujitsu have presented plenty of innovative solutions. It is, thus, in this context that we have managed to develop a partnership that is beneficial to both companies, and that allows for the development of a service that meets our Customers needs”. This distinction, now awarded to the Portuguese technology company, focuses on the achievement of the turnover goals set for last year, and on the number of projects developed with this solution.

The collaboration that Noesis establishes with its partners is built on great proximity and mutual transmission of knowledge. The announced results will contribute to reinforce the capacities of the Portuguese technology company, not only in terms of the offering but also the distribution and sales of Fujitsu solutions in Portugal.

Fujitsu’s acknowledgement of Noesis stems from an annual analysis, the Select Partners Awards, which aims to honour the Best Partners every year. 
Team Noesis receiving the Fujitsu Partner of the Year Award