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27 September 2016

Noesis with new offices in the Netherlands

Lisbon, 27th September 2016 – Noesis, the leading national company in information systems consulting, announces news offices in Rotterdam, Netherlands, strengthening their presence in the Benelux region and their proximity to the most demanding markets in Europe. In an early stage, the company will focus its assets in the Agile Solutions services in a partnership with OutSystems, company with whom it shares the strategic vision of digital transformation of the organizations. This partnership will therefore become the operation’s foundation, which will naturally be followed by the remaining areas of Noesis, namely Quality Management and Business Intelligence, among others.

The internationalisation of the operations was always an objective for Noesis, and it answers the challenges presented by the company’s costumers. It is also a clear testimony of the quality and suitability of the services, even in the more demanding markets. As a result, the new offices in the Netherlands represent a clear step forwards in the evolution that Noesis’ business has seen in the Benelux region in latest years.

The strategy for the company’s growth in the Dutch market is based on the knowledge of local methodologies and cultures, which allows the good development of corporative relationships with new partners and Clients.

According to Alexandre Rosa, Noesis CEO, “the proximity towards the Clients and Noesis teams delivery capacity were a decisive factor in the opening of our office in Rotterdam. We believe that our capacity to deliver in our services, both in quality and scale, will have a major contribution in the success of our new challenge.”
Noesis Office in Holland