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24 July 2016

Noesis and Celonis establish partnership to provide more complete and efficient services

Lisbon, July 24, 2017 - Noesis and Celonis established a strategic partnership to provide their customers with technological process mining solutions, based on sophisticated big data algorithms. Analyzing the digital trail of processes supported by IT in source systems such as SAP or others, it is possible to reconstruct and visualize the processes as they actually occur.

Thus, the solution provides an effective instrument for continuous monitoring. The partnership with Celonis allows Noesis to provide installation, configuration and implementation services for the solution, as well as post-implementation consultancy services that aim to continuously improve operational performance.

The features of Celonis Process Mining include, among others, the visualization and analysis of business processes, the identification of key causes for inefficiencies and deviations from the target process, as well as the analysis of execution times, the identification of potential bottlenecks and the real-time optimization, which will enable Noesis to offer its customers a world-class solution and service.

With this partnership, Noesis becomes a reference supplier in consultancy services for technological solutions that aim to improve operational performance.

For Karina Vogl, Partner Manager at Celonis, “Noesis has a wide portfolio of services for business optimization, which perfectly complements our Process Mining solution. Together with Noesis' excellent customer base, we have the key ingredients for a successful partnership ”.

According to Nelson Pereira, Chief Technology Officer at Noesis, “for customers where we have been implementing SAP solutions, we see the need for more effective data management, so that they can obtain relevant information for their business. The partnership with Celonis provides Noesis with the software we need to deliver a complete solution to customers and, at the same time, reinforce our position as a reference for excellence and innovation in information technologies. In addition, Celonis is a world leader, making it a key partner that will allow us to develop our business ”, he concluded.

2016 07 24 Noesis E Celonis Estabelecem Parceria