Automate, control and view your assets!

A centralised SaaS management solution that brings the players closer together and manages the entire life cycle of your assets in an intelligent manner:

   View live the behaviour of your assets (IoT)

   Adopt predictive action methodologies for your assets through Machine Learning

   Automate the communication between all players in the management of your assets

   Learn the variables that influence the operability of your assets

4Assets is an operational management solution aimed at the 360º management of operational assets and resources. It is designed to incorporate a specific set of features that allow a detailed view of the resources (assets), as well as all the related relevant operations. 

Whether the service is managed internally or through outsourcing, you will be able to manage approval procedures, movement or maintenance and repairing of assets, as well as the enforcement of SLAs and service and equipment guarantees.

4Assets is also specifically prepared to allow the integration of third parties, enabling you to centralise all the information in a single platform. The integration ensures that external users can interact with the solution, either in their own systems or by using available tools such as a Web Portal.

4Assets eliminates redundant practices and obsolete procedures, increasing the control over the operation and the assets. With 4Assets, you will be able to reduce operational and management costs.


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