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Noesis was present at Developer Day on 1 May in New York

João Moreira, an IT Specialist, talked about "The pros and cons of multithreaded processing with OutSystems"

New York, the city that never sleeps, was the epicenter of a technological revolution at Developer Day 2024.


João Moreira, IT Specialist (SA) at Noesis US Corp, shared his experience in a talk entitled "The Pros and Cons of Multithreaded Processing with OutSystems."


In an era when business-critical applications require the efficient processing of millions of records per day, João, a vital member of our local development team in the US, they provided valuable insights in this talk. 


These were the aspects to be covered: 

✔️The best practices and pitfalls of using lightweight BPTs in real-world scenarios; 

✔️The latest developments and trends and find out what's new on the OutSystems platform; 

✔️What tools and knowledge are needed to grow your business with your OutSystems expertise? 


Developer Day 2024 was much more than just a conference. It was a space where the brightest minds came together to share ideas, explore emerging trends, and collaborate on projects that will shape the future of technology.


During the event, participants had the chance to participate in a series of talks, practical workshops, and interactive sessions and network with experts in the field. The topics covered ranged from artificial intelligence and automation to developing next-generation applications and cybersecurity.


 With this year's success, expectations are high for future event editions as the community continues to push the boundaries of technological innovation and shape the digital future.


Watch a summary of the presentation here.